Apr 13, 2019
axuirs (All reviews)
I picked up this manga because I wanted to read something that was kind of about "traps", but not some trashy fanservice-y thing like Himegoto. I was pleasantly surprised by this manga and it fulfilled what I was looking for.

One particular thing that drew me to this manga was the art. The characters are really damn cute and the quality of the art remains consistently good throughout the duration of the whole manga.

I disliked the story towards the end because I felt like it sort of went off tracks, or the tracks turned in a sudden direction. I enjoyed the flow of the story until the end and I did actually care about the characters and the dilemmas they faced, which is a decent feat for a manga of this length.

I also felt that the whole "crossdressing" theme was done in a pretty unique and interesting way. I enjoyed its usage as a plot device, and I thought the dilemmas it created were interesting.

This manga did not really "wow" me in any way but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I would recommend it just because the story and the art alone are definitely worth the short amount of time it takes to breeze through this short but sweet manga.