Apr 13, 2019
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"Calm Carefree lazy Stubborn Underestimated Overpowered Male Protagonist"
"ayanokouji kiyotaka , Oreki houtaro, Hikgaya Hachiman , Saitama "

After reading all these you may already visualized , the basic sense of our protagonist

At the time of writing this review i have caught up with the 10 chapters of with the manga, and have completed with 38 chapter of volume 1 in the light novel, So even if my review many not be apt , it will be close how you will feel when you read the main content

First I would like you to completely disregard the user rating provided on this site, because of the irregularity in judging a work with a system of very low number of active users

Now coming to the light novel, I will write a short review on each element of literary style used

Story - 7.53/10

I bet you may have read and seen a lot work done on isekai genre or on Meta-genre(please remember this meta-genre thing), and i will be blunt here , the story is pretty average , a boy and a girl get transported to another world .For the sake of compelling cliffhangerial system, MC has some mystery behind him, the world has some mystery behind it, the main antagonist has mystery behind him/her, the main girl has some quirky way of adjusting and pacing herself to the plot and the MC, just like any other Isekai work, but the changing point is not in the story but the way it is implemented

Story Setting and implementation - 8.56/10

Here is the first CHANGING POINT from mainstream isekai , no real , logical or rationally sane way was used to transport the characters, unlike other works, where the main story starts before the MC realizes, in this case, the MC is the one who is not important to the story, if he lives or dies nothing will happen to the setting of the story, because the protagonist has no ulterior motive for surviving , or producing a Harem , or being friends on journey with people he/she just saved, Our main guy is a simple and relatable guy who could be defined with two words, LIKABLE JERK. He just wants to do whatever the story tells him to do , as if the protagonist and the author are working together . This is where the "Meta thing" comes in , the way story is told, it is as if the author was communicating(breaking the 4th wall) to the readers without actually using any references , or direct dialogues. When people read it , they will feel as if the author is telling them , "this is the convenient plot device i used to make the pages go longer" or "this a general tsundere girl but i will project her like a character which you people will not be able to justify".

i know its pretty confusing to understand , but once you read the light novel you will almost hear your own voice inside you laughing at the way the author has put this story, Its like an open book for everyone to delve and analyze, and this is what i liked about the novel, the way its implemented , the level and choice of words used to express a characters inner workings is what made this tedious and hectic looking work, easy.

Dialogues - 9/10

Each dialogue in each page has a goric laughter to it, an oxymoronic sense , The reason your brain will be compelled to read the next word is because the way it was written , steady pace literature, high pitched annotations, overlapping surrealistic conversations. All of these and much more will force you to imagine an intimate live visuals of the characters, as if you can almost hear their voices. This way of writing is unique and I, last witnessed it in the works of Roald Dahl and screenplays Quentin Trantino

Narrative style and scene setting - 3.64/10

Even though the dialogues were an overkill, the factor which brought down the overall read of this work was the narrative style used , it has used a third person narration where the author explains all the scenes , the inner emotional turmoils of the characters and the intricate details of different places and whatever else is happening including the occasional dialogues of the characters themselves. Even though this is the most SAFE, PROFICIENT, PROFESSIONAL AND AUTHENTIC style used in the literature world , it does not fit well with this LN particularly because of such rich , extravagant , thought-provoking , new archetype characters implemented during the making of this light novel, The character based narrative style is what made works like HYOUKA , OREGAIRU , YOUZITSU such a huge success , because the characters themselves judged the world , we could see a normal and boring Tsundere or kuudere archetype , but with the excitement of knowing the fact , of how a lazy or apathetic character will judge her/him. This is what makes the light novel a non-investing bore

Character Design , Art direction and character movement(cover pages and in chapter drawing) - 8.26/10

Except the character's hair line, almost every character, be it either main or supporting , face is original and well drawn, this type of drawing will be hard to adapt by an old studio house like bones, ufotable ,madhouse and kyoani, but given time it has the potential to revolutionize the way characters are drawn , The facial tics, face proportion , design of eyes , detail work on clothing and accessories are well above perfect and is highly commendable.

Character -9.95/10

It is a waste to write about the characters , as I can guarantee that anyone who truly understands the enjoyment of Japanese media , will well beyond appreciate the way these character are written, We may be able to analyze their behavioral pattern but we will never able to comprehend how their next action will affect us internally. That's how unique the characters are. These characters will make you forget all your worries regarding life and regarding the loop holes in the story pacing,but that just goes to show how rich and colorful these black and white characters are.

Overall - 6.15/10

Technically(taking everything in factor) an overall rating is 6.15/10 but i think the light novel may have a very bleak but shiny potential as we progress into the story

Enjoyment - 6/10 - #disappointing

Normally if a light novel adaptation is awesome then the light novel itself is the best thing for that franchise but i guess the saying of "THEIR IS ALWAYS AN EXCEPTION" holds true in this case

Lastly , If you read this uptill now then you have certainly gained something , but if you reading this just after looking at the numbers then you seriously need think on mental patience.
Either way Thanks for reading, and if you find any mistakes in the formation of a sentence in the review I am sorry but just think of me as the same characters mentioned in the second quotation marks of this review.