Apr 12, 2019
Astraea_ (All reviews)
As a respectable fan of hentai I'd have to say that Futa-bu does not disappoint. It's one of my favorite hentais and should be seen by everyone who enjoys hentai.
Story: 6
It's hentai, who gives a shit about the story. Anyways, its just futa girls who made a club, and invited a normal non-futa girl to fuck them. It's fine, it works, whatever.
Art: 7
Character designs are solid and the animation is above average. Nothing mind blowing, and there are hentais that look better but no complaints here.
Sound: 7
Hentai sounds that you should be familiar with. Moans, screaming, and more moaning. It's all good.
Characters: 7
Characters were entertaining. None were bad, and I liked them all.
Enjoyment: 8
As a futa fan, I knew I was going to enjoy this. Futas may seem gay at first to the normal viewer but they are in fact the straightest form of porn. You see, normal porn between a man and a woman is half gay. You are watching a man fuck a woman which is straight, however, you are still viewing a man in a porno which is gay. So watching normal porn makes you 50% gay, unless you say no homo. Lesbian porn between two women is better, however, it is still 25% gay. You are still viewing sex between two of the same genders who have the same private parts. This is where futas come in. Futanari is the straightest form of porn. This is because there are no men, and no sex involving the same private part. This means that you are watching two different private parts interact while also only seeing two women have intercourse. Futa-bu might go against some of what I had to say but I don't care because saying no homo is always a safe option too.
Overall: 7
Futa-bu is a hentai I look forward to viewing whenever I feel like it. It's good, go watch it.