Apr 9, 2019
simple_reviews (All reviews)
Classroom of the Elite is the first light novel I seriously invested time into. The story and writing are outstanding detailing all the things that are happening, and the psychological mind twists that happen. The character development is amazing! you have your protagonist Ayonokoji ( class 1-D) who just wants to have a simple high school life in Japans best high school run by the government to nurture the minds of the leaders of the next generation. Ayanokoji may appear to be a chill high school boy in the outside, however, what's really going on is not what it seem he is always pulling strings and helping his class to reach class A in points but maybe he has an ulterior motive to all of this. The story is seen to have all types of exams and competitions between the D, C, B, A class. In conclusion, the Classroom of the Elite is a very well written light novel that should be checked out.

P.S They also have an anime adaptation but if you want to know what happens after the anime you're going to have to check out the novel. You should start at Volume 4 after finishing anime.