Apr 9, 2019
whoisashleigh (All reviews)
Overall: 7.5

With the most impressive, in-depth world building of all the Precure shows, you'd think it would go to great places... except that it mostly does not.

Story: 7.5

You could divide this show into two halves - the first half, which is well thought out and consistent, and the latter half, which goes from unique and interesting to a messy abomination and back within a few episodes. While there is some filler, most of it does actually contribute to the character's relationships, and aren't totally useless for a change.

Characters: 7.5

Not the most unique set in the Precure universe, nor the most developed. But they're not irritatingly exaggerated, either, and it's their relationships as a group that really makes the show watchable. In fact, the side characters are all surprisingly well fleshed out and involved, given they're barely ever on screen.

Art: 8

There's three different magical outfits for the duo, which are all wonderfully unique and befitting of their characters. The uniform and clothing designs are adorable, and definitely worthy of a cosplay or two. There's some gorgeously drawn and unique scenery, and a few cool angles from Mofurun - the teddy bear- 's perspective. Even the CGI dancing is visually interesting, though by no means a masterpiece. It's perhaps the most consistent of all the Precure series in terms of visual style.

Sound: 7

The ED's are... annoying. They're exactly what you'd expect from an off-beat children's anime. The OP is fast-past and interesting, but ultimately nothing special.