Apr 9, 2019
whoisashleigh (All reviews)
Overall: 8.5

This anime is nothing if not inconsistent, which is a shame given it has so much to offer the Magical Girl genre.

Character: 9.6

Like most Precure, this is where HUGTTO really shines. Each character goes through some serious troubles, and subsequent development. I very much enjoyed the way the 'relationship-but-not' and 'rejection' elements were handled. Each character is unique, without being too over exaggerated, and the friendships, while unconventional, seem very natural and believable.

Story: 8

The villain concept and plot is definitely unique, as is Hana's and Henri's character development. The pacing is decent, though it wouldn't have hurt to cut down on the filler episodes. Unfortunately, Saaya's character falls between the cracks more often than not, and Ruru's arc just doesn't quite compare to previous similar ones, though it's decent enough.

Art: 7

Initially, you'll be treated to epic battles, genuinely creepy villains, and unique magical girl outfits. It's cute, it's kickass, and then... it drops the ball. The epic fight scenes seem to be only budgeted for some episodes, and those that miss out, fail hard-core. There's so many genius artistic moments that you can mostly - MOSTLY - overlook the small-but-regular failures.

Sound: 7

There's two ED songs, they're both as enjoyable and fun as you'd expect. Being the Anniversary season, many of Futari Wa Precure's score is reused, but the reuse is smartly done. The voice acting unfortunately results to literal yelling at times, which, when they're already squeaky anime girls, is a bit of an earsore.