Apr 9, 2019
whoisashleigh (All reviews)
Story: 8.5

Ho-ly! Of all the Precure series I've seen - which is to say, all of them - this one still has the absolute best writing in terms of character development, emotional attachment, and consistency. Unfortunately, the last 4 episodes tried a bit too hard and threw logic right out the window, which, while it makes sense with context, definitely keeps it from hitting a 9 or a 10.

Characters: 8

The characters - and more specifically, their relationships - is where this show shines. Love, Miki, and Buki all know each other prior to the series' start, which is a unique take for Precure, and this familiarity is clear in all their actions and affections. Setsuna's treatment by the crew - no spoilers! - is realistic, and unexpectedly heartbreaking at times. There's so much more emotional maturity than in many adult shows!

Art: 7

I'll be honest here - Fresh is very clearly a product of its time. The CGI endings, while unique to Precure at that moment, make for cringe-worthy viewing today. But you have to appreciate it for trying to do it while it was new, if nothing else.

The character designs are definitely unique, and much more mature than earlier Precure. The overall scene designs are pretty fine, as are the villains. Nothing bad but not exactly memorable, either.

Sound: 7

Once again, it's good for what it is. The general score is good, but nothing memorable. Unfortunately, the Openings sound like the poor singer is yelling at times, which is uncomfortable, but the ED's are the perfect blend of dance and chill, they're super catchy and demonstrate the show's atmosphere really well.