Apr 8, 2019
Preliminary (27/? chp)
When I was walking into Barnes & Noble. Skimming through selves of manga and LNs. This LN caught my interest. I read the small summary on the back and the whole idea of an Isekai in which the protagonist is reborn as a Vending Machine sold me. I am a huge fan of the Isekai genre and whenever I see an LN or a manga I usually pick it up. This LN took about a week to finish, note that I work and have school so the only time I had to read the novel was during breaks and lunches. So I am pretty sure anybody else can read the novel less than the week I took to read it. I would 100 percent recommend this LN to anyone who is interested, likes, or loves Isekai. The Chapters are well slipt so before you know it one would have already finished reading the novel. Hirukuma did an amazing job telling this story and in a way gives an entirely new take with the Genre. A Vending Machine Maniac killed by what he loves and then reborn into another world as a Vending Machine. Granted, with a protagonist being a Vending Machine; one would think the novel/story would be terrible. Well in a small percentage that person would right, but at the same time totally wrong. It is one of the cases where you can say don't judge a book by its cover. The beginning is a little slow but once the author starts to explain that "Boxxo", the main Protagonist, has traits and skills he can acquire. The story starts to get interesting from there. A brief rundown on how it all works for "Boxxo" is he able to take currency from that world and converted to Yen which then he converts into skill coins. I won't get into further detail about how these skills coins are used since it might be considered a spoiler but overall it made everything make much more sense. The characters are what you'd imagine from an Isekai. Ranging from the goons who have nothing better to do than to steal and cause havoc. Waifu(s), since at the moment they are three girls well actually four if people want to count a tsudere loli type. Of course your fantasy races but for volume one, it is limited to Frog, bear fiend's, and serpents. And of course, the locals in which "Boxxo" interacts with at a daily basis. Once I finished the LN, I felt accomplished and the read was very much enjoyable and a blast to read. If anyone is interested in reading this Isekai I would highly recommend it.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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