Apr 7, 2019
male_humanoid (All reviews)
DISCLAIMER: this review is intended to be read after you finished the show, so you can see some idiot who dropped the show after 7 episodes ramble about the tropes he does not like.

I feel as if these types of romantic comedies are exactly the same. We've seen all the same tropes countless times. I usually enjoy these tropes, but in this show, they're completely boring, and almost painful to watch. Please excuse me I am not a native English speaker.

The story is rather average, a lot of things are very predictable. I laugh at the show occasionally, it is funny but like I said it's nothing we haven't seen before. I think the tasks that Junpei has to do for the cats are fairly funny, and creative, but his relationship with Kaede is what really put me off about the show. Personally I am not a fan of the ' Happy Girl', I find them to be too common in these shows, and I don't find them funny at all. They are boring. But in this show Junpei and Kaede are too similar to be in a relationship, they're more like brother and sister and it is boring beyond belief and that really put me off. The only reason I continued watching is because of Kanako. I find her relationship with Junpei to be fun and unpredictable at times, but I don't feel as if she got enough screen time. I got bored of seeing too much of Kaede, so I don't know much about the second half of the show. To summarise, the story is fairly funny, but the relationship with Junpei and Kaede is boring, and painful to watch.

The art was good. I think that the art style is a bit outdated, but that isn't the reason I dropped the show. I liked the colour choices they used, it's very bright and vibrant, not to mention I highly approve of those curves. (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎ . It isn't as viabrant as many other series, but it's a good 8/10. The CG sections were.... present, but I like the use of blue and yellow, and I love the designs of the cats. That is why the art is an 8/10

I don't pay attention to the sound, but seeing that I did find the music quit relaxing, I give it a 7/10. Again I don't pay attention to sound so this review will be short. Sub>Dub.

Poo. I already mentioned that I don't like Kaede, the boring rom-com trope that I hope will die, but now I'll talk about Junpei. I find him to be selfish, and a small, skinny, tic-tac dick. He only cares about his relationship with whats-her-name Kate or whatever. He doesn't care about anyone else as far as I'm concerned, and he gets onto these awkward situations without him knowing. It makes me cringe. His allergy to cats does make for some funny moments, but it only takes up about 20% of what I have watched. He's one of them male MC cliches that I like until it gets serious. Did I mention I don't like Kaede? At least she's not as bad as Asahina from Suzumiya. The only character I liked was Kanako. I find those characters fairly funny and more interesting than the boring girl that the male MC always likes. I don't like anyone except for Kanako and maybe some of the supporting characters.

I find the show quite enjoyable, but when I finished an episode, my first instinct was not to watch the next episode. I never cared what happened, I just wanted to see the relationship between Junpei and Kanako grow, and the relationship between Junpei and Kaesong shatter into a million pieces, get flushed down the toilet, and go into the state drink supply, only to be urinated out, and be drunk again, until it evaporates into the sky, and fall out into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. But the cats where very funny, and provided a great alternative to the relationship between Junpei and his second sister Kaedick. They only enjoyable parts where Kanako, Ichinose, and the cats. Everything else was fairly boring.

The show was alright. I dropped after seeing too much of the unbearably boring 'Happy girl' but that's not what I came to see. I came to see his relationship with Kanako, and maybe the cats, but instead I got another These-Characters-Are-Too-Similar-It's-Unsettling relationships. I think there is potential for humour in these relationships, but it depends on the male MC, and whether he likes the cliche boring girl or not. I guess I didn't like the show because the show was bad, I didn't like it because I cannot stand the male MC always liking the boring girl. At least in other series it seems like by the end the MC leans towards the other, more interesting girl, but from what I've seen in this series, he ends up with ms Annoyingtrope. Then again, I couldn't finish the show because I can't stand these relationships. So mock me if you will. This concludes my review of Nyan Koi by Fujiwara Sato.