Apr 7, 2019
PentagramShogoki (All reviews)
Might contain light spoilers.

"I'm not going there to die. I'm going to see if I'm alive" - Spike Spiegel.

I don't know if you are aware of what you are living now. You were born to see masterpieces like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Steins;Gate, Neon Genesis Evangelion... You are lucky enough to enjoy your life, your hobbies without any kind of problem, to get yourself wrapped by different stories or characters. You are lucky enough to exist in the same timeline as Cowboy Bebop, the BEST anime ever created. You think you can argue on this? Well, you CAN'T.

90s were a strange time for anime. We had experiments like Neon Genesis Evangelion, a mecha deconstruction. We had Serial Experiments Lain, a pioneer in the internet design. We had Revolutionary Girl Utena, Trigun... In 1998, Sunrise hired director Watanabe Shinichiro to direct an anime. They didn't care what that anime was about. They wanted something that was interesting enough to sell some figures. So, Shinichiro Watanabe, well known today for mixing samurais and hip-hop as well, mixed Cowboys, Jazz and space. What a shitty combination! Don't you think? You're totally wrong. After three or four episodes, Cowboy Bebop was delayed to late-night and there, he gained popularity, until becoming what is known to be the 'anime for adults' for excellence.

Cowboy Bebop does not have a normal story. To be fair, I'd say that Cowboy Bebop has multiple stories, because every single chapter is like having a new one in our heads. Basically, bounty-hunters Spike Spiegel and Jet Black travel in their ship, the Bebop, hunting criminals for money. From there, they know femme-fatale Faye Valentine and super-hacker Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, or as we know it, Ed. As a single crew, with their personal diferences but as a team, they do their jobs. Every character has a development arc, but most important is Spike's one. He, as an ex-member of a criminal syndicate called the Red Dragon, has to deal with his past. Not only does Cowboy Bebop has amazing individual chapters but also has the BEST ending I've ever seen in an anime.

The animation and character design are GORGEUS. Every fight, every new character we meet, every scenario, are specially designed to fulfill our desires. Explosions, flights, races and every single frame on this work is absolutely outstanding, to the point that I am still waiting to be as impressed as I am with Cowboy Bebop (TV show) in animation.

The sound is one of the most important parts in the series, because of the sensation it gives to the viewer. Bebop has that jazzy design on purpose, and Yoko Kanno, with The Seatbelts, make possible that immersion.

Cowboy Bebop is a metaphor to let your past behind you and keep going with your actual life, and the characters are always trying to remember us that the future is what matters. Do not let your past to haunt you like a ghost, forget about it and keep going. Or face it, in order to put a limit in your back.

We have ex-police officer Jet Black, who can not forget about his past love, or about the arm he lost. Jet is a really nice guy that always pay his debts and wants to be in good terms with everyone. He cares about the crew like if they were his family and wants them by his side. Jet is always trying to get away of his past, but he keeps things in order to not forget about it (the watch his ex left him or the robotic arm he could have fixed).

We also have Faye Valentine, a cryogenized woman that has tons of debts. Faye is always running from her past, she wants to remember but it is afraid of what that memories can bring back. Despite her cold-blooded attitude, she deeply cares for the crew, even if it is to build a place where she can be part of.

Ed is the youngest member of the crew. With a positive attitude towards life, she is always searching for new things to do and learn. She has not any kind of past, but she has the role of showing us how you must enjoy every single moment of your life (while you can).

And finally, the all-time favourite Spike Spiegel. Listen, I love Spike. He's handsome, freaking cool and an awesome person. Despite those obviously positive attributes, he's such a hypocrite. He's always talking about how the past will bury you, but he does not talk about how his own past has buried him to the point that he can't look to the future without looking to the past.

I made this review because I recently ended the series for the second time and I can not believe how much I loved it and enjoyed this rush. Cowboy Bebop will forever be a personal favourite of mine.

So, even if you don't want to carry this weight, even if you don't think you are living in the real world, even if you think that if "easy come, easy go", if you don't have a comrade or if you are an sleeping beast, you can not die without watching Cowboy Bebop at least once.

So... See You, Space Cowboy.