Apr 7, 2019
buunny (All reviews)
Tsukikage Baby starts out promising, but quickly lags into boredom when it starts to repeat the same situations, declarations, and rejections over and over again like a skipping record. It reads with the intention of having a different ending than it was given, as the main character has feelings for a character for the entire series before giving them up in the last three chapters. So, the ending seemed unlikely, disappointing, and forced.

Since it is a romance manga, it is horrible to have messed up the believability of the romance between the two characters, who wound up together, so much. In every romance, there is a certain amount of “Will they? Won’t they?”, but it only works when those scales are balanced carefully, which they certainly were not in this manga.

Again, as I said, the pacing was of this manga was off, going through an exceptionally slow story development for the first eight volumes before rushing to a cluttered ending with new characters, never before mentioned, appearing in the second to last chapter. The author, writing a serial manga, also focused too heavily on placing the perfect cliffhangers to keep people reading, but which don't work in the finished product’s favor because nothing exciting ever follows those cliffhangers.

So many essential elements are just off in this manga, but still the introduction to Owara dance as a subject is interesting. However, the rest of it is uneven, all over the place, and boring.