Apr 2, 2019
footfoot (All reviews)
TL;DR: "The creators are obsessed with making mysteries and building suspense with absolutely no direction or end goal". "The "LOST" of anime". Watch it only for the cute moments. If you're a strong fan of the character relationship between the main characters of season 1, be prepared for extreme and consistent disappointment.

As a extraordinarily enamored fan of season 1, i will spare you a long story about how much i enjoyed season 1 and say it's "10/10 for me!". But also keep in mind how important the characters relationships built up through S1's 12 episodes were. What and how much you might expect from season 2 in terms of "Fun" or "cute" content. There were many mysteries and loose ends. It even ends on a cliff hanger involving the 2 main characters and set up a lot of expectations!

"Zutto isshoni/ずっと一緒に" Together forever. Serval and Kaban. A mainline mantra of couple character songs. It's what made the story so great. You expected more of that. Them. Together.

Season 2 takes so much of that away and replaces it with a typical, general anime feel and plot line. Full of emotionally dreadful plot and harrowing violent moments cranked up to 11 (something that was few and far between in season 1). Virtually every episode involves a violent encounter. Past cannon is ignored involving the enemy, leading to further confusion and inconsistency.

Some "True fans" may try and discount such a review by saying "But you have to read/play X media to get it!" The anime should stand on its own. But it doesn't. Instead, it's more concerned with setting up cliff hangers and mysteries so that you'll buy the new "Season 3" game.. Scrambling around the lore so that it fits better with the future game. Season 2 story and plot fell victim to soulless corporate merchandising and profit driven ideas. As much as i hate say this. The original heart of Kemono Friends seems to lay with previous team and/or director "Tatsuki", who was removed and replaced.

This anime not only left me feeling completely unfulfilled and frustrated by the end of it. But it also managed to put me into a net negative state. No mystery was solved. Only MORE questions. More confusion. More pain. As a big fan of Serval and Kaban, it absolutely disgusted me what they decided to do with that wonderful thing.

The cute moments were very good though. It fails to capture season 1's special and unrepeatable tone and brand of humor and cuteness. But it was still a very wonderful part of Season 2.