Mar 31, 2019
3xplicit (All reviews)
The main reason I'm writing this review is to say how baffled I was by this OVA.

As per most OVA's I was expecting something worse than the anime (which in this case should have been a catastrophe considering how the anime went), but to my surprise, this was considerably better, although that isn't saying much.

What I'm refering to is the animation style. I don't know why, or how they could afford it, but this OVA had animation that was significantly better than that of the parent story. There were fewer mistakes overall, but you can still see that episode 1 was better than episode 2. And yes, this one was uncensored.

The plot was nothing too astounding. The MC joins a VR game, with all the other girls of course, and they all need to try and seduce him. This OVA pushes the boundaries a lot further than the anime itself does, to the point where I feel as though this was made due to the shut down of HentaiHaven.

In the second episode, the main plot is yet another VR game, except in this case it's just he and his sister, whom he has to save from some dangerous events taking place. This game was made by Ahegao Double Peace Sensei, so I feel like we all know where this is going.

Overall, I'd rate this a 7/10, because of how much better it was than the anime itself. If you look at my other ratings, you'd see this isn't extraordinarily high, as I'm a high rater for most things anyway. This is my version of, it's watchable. Definately more so than the horrendous parent story.