Mar 31, 2019
Groenboys (All reviews)
Just when I thought the nightmare was finally over and I could move on to much, much better anime, this personification of making the audience suffer spluttered out two more OVA's. Woopeefuckingdoo.

Let's begin with the positives: The animation has been significantly upgraded. There are now very few animation mistakes. It still doesn't excuse the horrible artstyle but it is an upgrade nonetheless. Also these two episodes have waaaay more sexual scenes, so if you pornhub is down you at least have an alternative.

Now let's get to the meaty stuff. The story is absolute bullshit. Double Peace Sensei made an VR device that play a huge part in both OVA's. In the first OVA the whole cast play a mario party type game and you win (at least for the girls) if you are able to seduce Yuu. The second only Yuu plays the VR game and has to win by rescueing his sister in various scenarios. Watching these OVA's just made me incredibly frustrated on how all of this work. How does the VR device work? How were everybody's memories deleted in the end of the first OVA? Why did they chose the cast to test out the VR game? Shouldn't Double Peace Sensei choose people who are actually gamers? What the heck was that game in the first OVA? Is it a tech demo? Then why even spent time making a tech demo for such a specific audience? As you see, I had a ton of questions whatching the OVA's and I don't even blame my nitpicky nature: It is just not well-thought out.

My last paragraph is also disregarding the fact that these OVA's only exist for fanservice. Because what we absolutely needed the most in the Original series was fanservice. I just… ugh.

Other then that all of my complaints from the last series still aply here: Horrible morals, dogshit characters, awful animation, forgettable music. I am just tired of beating this dead horse. I just want to go back to beating my little sister.