Mar 31, 2019
LilCherryBearr (All reviews)
How do you imagine your ideal relationship? Possibly good communication, reassurance, affection, and making happy memories together? Mairimashita Senpai checks all of those. This manga has one of the best, strong, and healthy relationships I've seen in a manga or anime.

The story is fast-paced compared to many other romances. The two characters get together right from chapter 1. Usually, there's the "chase" or a confession many chapters later. But this manga is like, "You wrote cute song lyrics on my desk, I like you, so let's date" within a day. The story focuses on their relationship and how they handle different situations like Valentine's Day, amusement park date, being at home together, etc. There are plenty of sweet moments in the series.

The art is very fitting for a shoujo manga. I like that quotable dialogue, Serina's inner thoughts, or times when they are together, get a big placement on the page. Some of the art looks beautiful and memorable.

The relationship between the two characters is very strong. Other shoujo mangas have insecurities in the relationship because of misunderstandings or jealousy. However, this couple openly talks about their problems and how they're feeling at the moment. They work out their concerns which many relationships fail to do. They both reassure each other all the time in how much they like one another. As for physical affection, characters do the right amount of teasing without being forceful.

I think the only problem is that the characters aren't particularly special themselves. Like you only know them on the surface-level. Also, the side characters are there but don't matter as much; later on, they will be. Looks like that's where the manga is headed.

I looked forward to reading each chapter. I like the cute dynamic between the characters. The manga has teasing moments like a little fanservice which I liked. Overall, you will like this manga if you want to read about a great relationship. Not sure how realistic this is but you can learn from it or dream about it.