Mar 31, 2019
JiangHaoyi1979 (All reviews)
If you're reading this then you now know that them anime streaming site have pass this as episode 11 and 12, so, I'll jaz get straight to the point without any BS nor anything that will require me to write such long blah blah blah review when it it would be pretty obvious that you just click on the helpful button with the notion that it's a good review but in reality you just skimmed it. So without any further adieu:

Story- Pathetic 1: The parent anime sucks and this sucks as well, since there is no story, jaz some random silliness that involves the guy getting to see some nakedness from them girls through Peace sensei's naughty virtual reality game.

Art- Very Good 8: And I don't have to tell you that that's for them hound dogs to howl for.

Sound- Mediocre 5: You know why, the same seiyuu who did the character's voices.

Character-Pathetic 1: Same Nagami, Yuu, still acting like he doesn't enjoy being in the company of them girls, the same Nagami, Suzuka that has that brocon thing and up to now she still has to compete with them other girls for her onichan's affection, same Ahegao W Peace-sensei who is this perverted deredere and the other girls like Kanzaka, Akino,Himuro, Mai, Minazuki, Sakura, and Kanzaka, Haruna whome were now part of Peace sensei's perverted virtual reality game scheme.

Enjoyment- Poor 3: Well it jaz a special loaded with uncensored fanservice.

Overall- Dreadful 2: Enjoy hound dogs AWOOOOOOOO!!!!! Jaz don't overdo it...if you know what I mean.