Sep 14, 2010
Rasco (All reviews)
The most of what your going to hear about this anime is its Relaxing calm and Temperant. It is soo relaxing it made me get in a better mood. Tamayura Is one in a kind anime with many diverse characters. I felt the need to write a review Regardless of many situations, Yes I do have high expectations of this series. If you love slice of Life animes this is a Huge Must watch.(no looking Back)

Fu likes taking Pictures and is way obsessed taking pics. she has many weird attributes, I really like her nervous acts of courage XD

One other Character that I really enjoy, well its not really a character but it’s a Cat THING, and its Momo-neko,momo is a very cute cat that has a short scene...

First of all this is a OVA so there are only four episodes, By the way theres going to be some whistling...

This adorable anime has caught my heart, for guys this might feel a little girlish but still you will enjoy it.

The story Is Building really good Fu tries to make friends and has dreams. There is a good amount of potential and I am looking forward the ongoing Irregularity angle and aspect, I feel like the artists has new ideas and methods that make this a great series. Everything is really authentic, sincere and honest, the pursuit of this is very pleasant.More or less this is a review and I will be Bravado about this.