Mar 30, 2019
JiangHaoyi1979 (All reviews)
I have control.......Or so as what original creator, Natsumi, Kouji, concepted, cu'z frankly using the concept of other worldly being out to invade planet earth and it's up to mankind to fight against these invaders was just too cliche to say the least, the worst part was that this anime has more to do with the relationship between a human Narutani, Kei and an anima Gripen. Now let's be honest around here, the way I look at this I kinda see this as more like a dream come true for the original creator Natsumi, Kouji, cu'z everything here was based from his novel of the same name and quite frankly this is his only success, given that 3 of his works weren't doing well, why he used a SAAB JAS Gripen to be part of the JSDAF instead of the F-16 was mainly because he has a fascination with such plane from Sweden, that he can only fantasizes it in his novel, but IMAO that makes him and the publishing company ASCII Media Works a pair of stupids. Now I don't know about the Xi's, those invaders from another world, but not know much about them nor having a main antagonist that represent them as other cliche sci-fi thingy, was just another blow to this anime's story plot since it does add to the boredom of watching it, so what did studio staff of Satelight did?? Introduced an weak antagonist in another anima by the name of Rhino whose daughter is a F-18 Hornet that adds to the stupidity, another stupid around here was Phantom's analogy of pushing to on coming traffic Narutani, Kei as if she wants to kill him , but the flip flops into saying that she only wants to injury him..... So how do I see this?:

Story- Poor 3: It was simply loaded with a lotta weak analogies, that simply contradicts common logic where the premise of the excuse was that it is just
a work if fiction.

Art-Mediocre 5: As usual, we see girls not dress for the occasion, such as girls not dressed in proper military uniform given that they're part of the JSDAF, aircraft that were just too colorful as if it would be something that the armed service would frown about.

Sound- fair 6: Cu'z I just don't care as who did who with the character's voices, but I do like the opening theme "Break the Blue!!" by Run Girls, Run!

Character-Pathetic 1:

Let's go over each:

Kei Narutani- Basically he epitomize a typical cheater, where at one point he says to his childhood friend Minghua Song that she's is very important to him and in the next he says to Gripen that he would be with her.

Minghua Song- If I were that girl I would have left that guy, but not before punching him in the face or maybe put some poison on his food, since he cheats on her anyway.

Gripen- Basically I see her as this dojikko, who just can't do anything right without someone being on her side.

Eagle- Well to put it simply, she a whore, cu'z she acts love dovey with Haruka Yashirodōri her creator and on the next she flirts with Kei.

Phantom- To me either she is this murderous Undere or a deceptive Mayadere.

Rhino- Sad to say that she has to be the main antagonist, when they could have made a different one.

Viper- Because her character is simply that of a minor role, she is basically a big waste.

Enjoyment- Poor 3: I was waiting for a main antagonist to show up, but what we got was a weak one.

Overall-Dreadful 2: I kinda feel like wanting to go to Japan , look for the original creator and punch him in the face, afterwards go to studio Satelight and punch the studio director as well.