Sep 14, 2010
Rasco (All reviews)
With 76 episodes and added seasons and such;you ask yourself whether or not Hajime no Ippo is worth all your time; Time is very important. Well If your a Huge sports anime fan you will enjoy the hours you spend watching. Still if your trying to see if sports anime is right for you this well probly make You fan.

Makunouchi Ippo Is a very strong willed kid, His growth and experience are very Important for the whole series.

As a former Wrestler i felt like punching people while I wrestled, The Image of ippo Putting so much effort In Gaining More strenght Insired me to work harder and too not use your strenght outside the ring XD

Anyways there were a lot of laughing moments, and also a lot of shocker moments, Just when you think something will happen the opposite happens, well atleast sometimes.

One of the Characters that acted as a father in the series was Takamaru, he showed all the newbies of boxing just how it is done. This Character has his own story and has his own huge uprising.

Watching people work out and run out of breath is soo funny, there are a lot of fights and some fight go to 2-3 episodes. This is a Boxing series so You will learn more about boxing and want to even try it out.

Ippos Relationship is so hysterical yet very heartwarming this series has many fans and People who have watched this have not regreted putting there time in this series.