Mar 28, 2019
XVM (All reviews)
This is a review of the entire show and is filled with spoilers, and I repeat everything twice (most likely). With that said, we're diving right in.

I gave this show an overall of 5, which is probably way more than it deserves if I'm being honest.
The show goes off the basis that something called Xi (Or Zai) has invaded China and has begun attacking the rest of the world, and blah blah blah. I'm Sorry, if you were looking for a synopsis please refer to the anime's page.

There a couple of main points that for Character review seems to be quite off. We have Kei, who has a rather shallow character backstory, as he only gets to refer to being from China and something about XI with nothing else. He has a very close female friend-note- not sister- who follows him around with literally no development other than she (You ready for this?) basically would follow him anywhere blah blah blah for some reason I'm sure that they explained somewhere but it was quite forgettable as she is literally nowhere to be seen after the first few episodes with a few minutes here and there until a random ass anima pops up (We'll get to that in a second) almost like they didn't care about her after Kei met his new wife to be (literally). She has this annoying trope of basically only seeing her at home and for some decent 'supporting' roles at the start but the suddenly disappears towards the end of the anime as previously mentioned due to Kei being busy with his 'part time job'. (Two side notes for him: A) He's quite fluent in Japanese for someone who just ran away from China and B: Never actually tells his childhood friend ((I think?)) that he's actually in the military)
And Now to the Anima, who unless plot foreshadowing call for it, get no backstory. Gripen, who is basically so monotone I might have thought she was teaching my science class for a hot second. A failure until she is paired up with him and they never bother getting around to explaining it with other than we're still looking into it like your Comcast customer service provider. Pretty much all the anima can get away with no backstory and development due to the excuse of 'machines'. I won't touch on them too much except for Rhino who you'll have to watch the series itself to understand
Purple Anima-- I don't even remember her name due to being perhaps the biggest mishap of this series- randomly interduces a new anima into the show, promptly makes her Minghua to cause confusion- and disappears. We get some BS explanation for why she looks like her blah blah blah.
Eagle- Stays the same throughout the entire anime (no joke)
Phantom--Ummmmmmmmmm ok then
Jokes aside, she seems like the most interesting character (I did say jokes aside so I'm not joking :^) due her abilities and willingness-- however is quickly thrown away due to a cliche for Kei (Hahaha that does the word sounding the same thing I think but you'll understand when you watch it)
Animation---Animation was decent, however, OST and CGI were a big out of places and will most likely cause this show to age badly.
The sound was average, neither bad nor fantastic.
AHhahaha, the plot, where we rip on that and tear it to shreds.
My First major problem is the pacing of events. I mean, think about it. You go from struggling to not get scrapped to full-on operations in just a few episodes. Characters are done weirdly with a purple girl and Mrs. Song, who is ditched constantly and only appears outside of the first 2 episodes whenever the producers decided Kei needs, um, love problems? Purple girl gets a quiccc appearance with no explanation except for her appearance and thennnnn never see her again ahahaa.
We get this weird sort of Kei in a dream vibe around episode 9 that plays no effect onto the ending of this story what so ever.
This could have been a half decent show had the producers decided to dedicate a first half of a 24 epi show to character development and there training, rather than saying Kei knows how to fly, stick him in an airplane, and say good luck and send him into missions and operations with an anima thy quite literally were almost going to scrape a few episodes or so ago.
They keep throwing wrenches into their plot which don't help at all, and with bad character development with a half-assed almost harem basically, I gave this show a 5.
With all that said, this is my first review so all feedback is wonderfully accepted. I feel bad for you, the reader, as I mainly focused on Characters due to them pretty much being the focal point of this show with a few airplanes mixed in. Again, thanks for reading my shitty ass review.