Surprisingly, it is incredibly well done, and might as well be one of the best "modern isekai" animes and mangas out there.

You see, the standard mistake a modern isekai does is going through routine processes of game like abilities, guild ranks and so on. Sometimes it has few core ideas, but once those played out, it starts falling apart.

This is not the case here. It is one of the titles where rather than focusing on power fantasies, explosions and harems, the script decided to stick to the story and see it through. The world looks incredibly believable, albeit definitely quite tough, characters have convincing personalities and motivation, and there are no overpowered abilities to get in your way. At the same time, the world is definitely magical, even odd, and at the same time the manga provides explanations when needed. It is really good.

Story: 7/10
One of the few well written modern reincarnation isekai mangas. Convincing world, enough magic when needed, explanations when needed, and focus on the story without getting distracted by power fantasies and the like. It is good.

Art: 6/10;
I liked the art, but it didn't take my breath away. It has well drawn architecture and serves its purpose, but is not incredible. Still, there are mangas that look worse.

Characters: 7/10:
Convincing, life-like characters that are hard to trace to archetypes, with believable interactions between them. Main character is annoying in the beginning, due to pushing too hard for the the idea of books, but overtime I got used to it.

Enjoynment: 7/10
I definitely liked it. It is slow paced, slow development, with enough trivia and information, and occasional slightly darker pieces (but not too dark). Very wlell portrayed lower-tech low-magic world.

Overall: 7/10

I recommend to check it out. It is one of the well written mangas out there.