Mar 28, 2019
Zerity (All reviews)
What do you feel as you look at this anime. Do you feel a warm feeling of love? Do you feel nothing? Or do you feel what I feel. Hatred. Out of the many shows of this season which I can say are are about as good at Mars of destruction I can say one show takes my place as number 1 least favorite show this season. And dare I might say of all time. The Quintessential Quintuplets is by far my least favorite show I have ever watched and let me explain why. Will have minor spoiler I guess

A good harem show needs good characters. When i say good characters I don't just mean the girls which form the harem but the main dude as well. All of my favorite harem shows such as DxD, Trinity Seven, A world only God knows, and Ouran host club have both of those. Quintessential Quintuplets does not have both. I can say I do like 1 character from Quintessential Quintuplets (Miku) but I can't say I love them all. Even with utter trash shows I can still say I like at least 1 character. However in this show I can say none of these characters are good in anyway.

A little about this show. We have our MC Fuutarou, a poor student who studies all the time to get out of poverty and finds himself in a situation were he teaches 5 rich big tittied women (cause of course he does). However before this we get a teaser of the future in which he marries one of these 5 girls which is unique I guess, maybe pushing it a little. The five girls he has to teach are all dumb, with minor spoilers they have at least 1 thing there good at. To make my point that this show is litter I will use examples.

Now the characters are the backbone of any story. Without good characters you can not have a good story. From the people who have watched and read the manga they praise the characters, for being a good example of how to do the trope correctly. I fail to see how.

Nino being the bratty tsundere who at any moment she can, wants and does do things to make the MC’s life miserable. “She does it cause she loves her sisters..”sh-shut the fuck up. Bluntly accusing someone of sexual harassment for the sake of “her sisters” is not only annoying but just bad. Even though I don’t like the MC I hate the way she treats him. In the end of episode 3 after the whole sexual harassment gag when she storms off and Fuutarou ends up leaving and then sits next to her and they talk, the episode end with her saying. “I will never accept you” or some shit. Idk if people find this cute or heart warming somehow but its just annoying and makes me hate her even more. If you wanna use the she cares about her sister shit that's why she acts like such a bitch then shut up u have bad taste. Just kidding but still. The overuse of trying every way to be a dick to the MC gag was annoying the first time I saw it and still hasn't gotten better the 10,000th time. People have also said that during her arc which are like the last two episodes she gets better but in honesty she just gets worse. Nothing like a bratty big biddie bitch being bashful by bad boys. In the anime at least she doesn’t develop at all.

Itsuki the seemling main girl of the series. Yet another tsundere who openly hates the MC and why does she hate the MC. Because when she asked him to tutor her first he declined, then after her dad hires Fuutarou without the girls knowing she gets upset and starts to pout and throw a tantrum like a fucking five year old. Again we have another character who trashes the MC over and over and the trope still hasn't gotten funnier or cuter from the first time I saw it. In the first episode when she drugs the MC because she doesn't want him to her and her sisters send him on the taxi home, and may I put some emphasize to the fact she legit drugs him, is this not a crime. Of course as they get to his house Fuutarou’s sister greets them and wants her to come in for dinner. After seeing how poor they are and Fuutarou sister cuteness she doesn't agree to want him to tutor but at least doesn't mind if he shows up. I would like to see if she has a good side to try and say something good about her but I can't .

Ichika being the onee-san type of the 5 doesn't have much else going for her. However she is not really a unique character in this trope. If you wanna say she has other qualities like having a goal of being an actor and she works hard for it then go for it I won't stop you, but it's like okay? She tries hard at something she likes. Good for her? How does this make her a good character in anyway? It’s not like she is a bad character she just isn’t an overly good one.

Yotsuba is the engirtic girl of the group she is the always friendly one, the ditzy, always accepting and always sacrificing herself for people type. I guess she isn't really bad but she isn't good either. She has nothing new to this archetype as well she is just really bland. She doesn’t progressive in the anime and seems to be more of a side character rather than a main one.

Miku being the only girl I actually like in this group due to her not being annoying bitch and actually being really cute and loveable however that is just compared to the other girls which is pretty much comparing a shit to somewhat better shit. Either way it’s still shit. Even if I do like her it's only within this series and can't say I can really like her outside of it.

Fuutarou himself is the typical harem MC. Being a loner who has one good trait about him, he can't say the words he needs to when he should and always putting the girls in his harem before himself no matter how bratty they are. He takes the fall for any situation and he doesn’t stand up for himself when he should. He is just your average bland protagonist.

All the girls beside miku for the most part are shit characters individual and even worse as a group. As nothing good happens when they all get together and for the most part when they get together only really bad slapstick humor follows. I can never put my full on hatred for really just Nino or Itsuka in this review. On top of bad characters the animation and art are also really shit beside that one scene in episode 11 when Ichika and Fuutarou are in the shed together and he grabs her as she falls and says something MAJESTIC to her which makes her start to fall for him. That was like the only good part of animation/art in the show. However again the art is far better in the manga.

In conclusion, this is a typical harem anime with nothing new to add to the genre and another show to add to the already large trash pile.