Mar 28, 2019
mmchan (All reviews)
Imagine every shoujo manga you've ever read. This is a amalgamation of every generic shoujo manga you've ever read. Childhood friend, kabedon, bubbly girl friend, random kiss, love triangle, imoutos, bathroom, trip and fall on each other, school trip etc........ I mean its not an awful manga, there are doki doki moments, but there were so many overused tropes I felt like I was reading a rehash of a billion other shoujos. There are kabedons and headpats so if you like this type of thing you can give this a shot. No idea what the ending is, since no one's translating it (?). Maybe this will improve, but this manga is just two idiots who are idiots in different ways. Also the other guy is kinda an ass. Makoto was cool at first but slowly became more and more dumb, she just lashes out whenever anything happens for gods sake. The other guy is a piece of cardboard. Oh, and nothing really happened for 15 chapters, but it will cute, so it wasn't bad, just mediocre.