Mar 26, 2019
Xnovazero (All reviews)
Do you like running? So let's run together!
Road with the goal of Hakone is far. But aim for dream is good thing. They convinced it, and strive to practice training every day.
Who is genuine runner? Where is college can reach the top? Those answers are there.

This show is ensemble cast by various characters. Basically, Kakeru Kurahara and Haiji Kiyose are protagonists. No problem if you focus them.
At first, each characters development are completely well done. This is high point. Every characters are unique, attractive, likable. And cool.
Especially Haiji is my favorite character in this show. I love his looking and personality so much. He is positive and cheerful.
Ouji's bravery also wonderful. At the beginning, he is drained though, he grows gradually. This is the same goes for other teammate.
While almost characters have all sorts of situation, they's trying their very best. Sometimes enjoyable. Sometimes strictly. Part of the family.
One more thing is this show has many good-looking guys because this show is sports genre. In other words, almost guys. Nevertheless, please don't avoid. It's a waste.
Hanako Katsuta. She is manager who give grace to teammate. Her turn is less though, Her cuteness burst pivotal points. Joji and Jota brothers fall in love her!
On the other hand, Kazuma Fujioka. He is Haiji's friend. Although his turn is less the same as Hanako, really manly and good person. He has presence and charisma.
Art and Animation are stunning and beautiful. Running animation is depicting finely. It has always sense of urgency. Background also wonderful.
Music also very nice. OP songs of both cour are amazingly cool. ED songs are calm and quiet. In addition, voice acting is great. Satisfactory.
As constitution of main story. Practice, Preliminary round, Actual play's repetitive. Seems repetition of the same thing, but the truth is different.
Drama, Conflict, Growth among them are include. Kakeru has most complex in the team. He is suffering from cruel past and unbearable current.
Sometimes he let his feelings out. However, Haiji helps him. Because of he is very thoughtful of Kakeru more than anyone.
Haiji is leader of everyone. At the same time, he is companion with others equally. Since Haiji is thinking everyone like family, he lead the team.
He hates lying against himself and people, and it has an effect in his past. Nevertheless, he don't look back. He just move forward. It is his motto.
Otherwise, life itself feels boring. He is thinking it. I've ever also did experience similar to life. I thought I don't want to regret.
Results aren't very fine though, I achieve sense of accomplishment. I agree with Kakeru and Haiji's way of life.
Although the same goes for every field, if you give up once, become unable to understand yourself's reason of being. How do you solve?
This show is depicting things like them delicately. Is throwing away the dream your long-cherished ambition? Or while you see eternity, do you aim for your true dream?
Only you isn't lead role. Speaking objectively, I can say that you should broaden yours horizons. Rewarding for the sake of the future.
In short, no matter what you are to be discouraged...KEEP RUNNING!

As noted above, there are many characters in this show. So face and name don't match. Their case is many. Well, it can't be helped honestly.
Introduction looks like repetitive over and over again. It may be get tired depending on the person. Pacing is improve from 2-cour. Endure until there.
I disagree with Kousuke Sakaki's behavior entirely. A lot of emotion theory. Or just bear a grudge. He isn't suitable as Kakeru's rival.

This show is hidden gem, and at the same time, make us think about philosophy of life. How it looks your present self? Is there something you want to do?
I got various inspiration from this show. Intense, Joyful, moved. More than anything, this show is very interesting. Close to masterpiece.
That's a shame to buried. If you're interested in this show, worth watching. Really underrated.