Mar 26, 2019
nerdmeetslife (All reviews)
This anime is definitely for a younger demographic- specifically 12 year old females- and with that being said I think the anime was great.
Story 7: It had a very basic plot with not too much drama, the main drama was the classmates being jerks sometimes. Relationships were established pretty early on and the plot was mostly about them, young 12 year olds, learning about it.
Art: The art was decent. The only problem is the eyes are large, wide-set, and basic and the eyebrows are just lines so when the animation on the eyes isn't perfect it is very noticeable. But eyes are often wonky in anime and this anime liked to do a lot of still frame, dramatic shots.
Sound: Loved the voice acting. A++. The sound effects were meh and repetitive though.
Character: I think the characters all worked well together but there wasn't anything extravagant. They definitely each played one type of basic character and didn't have much to them aside from their one character role.
Overall 7: I consider 7 to be a good rating- I would definitely recommend picking this up if you like a cute, mushy, innocent romance.