Mar 25, 2019
ThatShiny_Hex (All reviews)
*This review contains SPOILERS!*
That time I got reincarnated as a slime is basically a bad version of overlord. It started as a light hearted slimavilization which was fun in the beginning but then became horribly boring.

The premise starts off with our 37 years old virgin NEET being killed and reincarnated as a jesus with a mix personality of a mary sue and being nice because supposedly being nice and having a god like power can make girls with big tits or naked lolis to like you. There's literally no story here. Rimuru is building his own slimavilization along with everyone he meets. There are no threats, no stakes, nor any tension in this already 1 dimentional story. The same goes with political workings as well. Our MC takes this Jesus attitude with everything, and characters always end up going 'oh okay, lets all be nice to each other'. In the meanwhile, the world has such physics that if monsters are named, then they will evolve. Basically my cat will evolve into a leopard if I name her.

All the characters are bland. All we have is an edgy MC, a big tiddy onee-san, another big tiddy dryad, a naked OP loli, a wolf and a bunch of goblins. Rest weren't rememberable at all. The only ones I liked were eaten the very episode they were introduced.

The worldbuilding is trash. The only thing we know about this world is about different species that live. The voice acting is bad at various levels accounting to childish voices. Even the music is pretty bad. Except for the first ending theme, which was semi-decent; the songs are a measure of how childish the show can go. The only thing that is preventing me from giving it a 1 is the artstyle and the animation, because of 8bit's solid technical staff.