Mar 24, 2019
DenkiDestroy99X (All reviews)
Note: (Spoiler-Free-Review)
This Manga is not what it seems like. Its so much more!

Overall 10/10.
What i loved the most was the Type of Story Telling, which is very reminiscent of Manga Titles like Yakusoku no Neverland or Shingeki no Kyojin. What i mean by that is that the Story is told from the Perspective of Characters that have very limited knowledge about the Truth of the World, which hides Secrets that one would never have expected.

What seemed like a Space Slice of Life that raised a couple of seemingly unimportant Questions at the start, and continues to portray this image until halfway through the Manga with a few annoying Characters and Dialogue quickly develops into a brilliant Story revolving around Conspiracy and Secrets. I would have never. Never expected the direction this Manga was going to take. Honestly the 2nd Half of the Show portrays a completely different Array of Emotions, it seems like a completely different Story.

I like to compare the Manga to a rollercoaster because initially you are elevated slowly and once it starts rolling you end up in an intense journey of excitement. I shed tears, my heart beat faster with every Chapter that i was reading. When the Plot Twists start piling up you will not be able to stop reading.

The Story was therefore a solid 10.
The Art, well i really enjoyed it although its nowhere near as Unique as Hajime Isayama or Yusuke Murata, its still absolutely solid and does a great Job at hiding the Insane Story through its simplistic and innocent design.

The only thing i did not like was that some of the Characters were annoying during the first half of the Show, there was some Dialogue bothering me, but i quickly forgot about that and honestly they were extremely minor issues, but i had to mention something negative.

My Overall Enjoyment was therefore a solid 10.

I simply hope more people pick up this Manga as the TV Adaptation will be Airing this Summer. Hopefully it delivers, im excited to watch that one as well, so if the Voice Acting, Music and Animation is on point i wouldn't be surprised to see this Story gain immense popularity, because i felt its underread, but incredibly loved by a select few.