Sep 10, 2010
grakara (All reviews)
So this is the second movie of the series called Break Blade.
The action starts right away and as you can see, the animation and art is pretty good. maybe some weird movements here and there, but overall it's outstanding.
We get to know more about the characters, mostly about lee and cleo. and i think that cleo is not as a bad shooter as everyone thinks she is.

Which i found the main point of this episode was the decision of Rygart. His feelings get hurt and he's left with a choice. leave the kingdom or fight for it.
Fighting for it would mean that he has to leave his old self behind who is against all this fighting and he would accept the possibility that he might die.
Or run away live on, but know that your friends will forfeit their lives.
Can he or can he not live on like that?
That will be answered in The second movie of Break Blade.