Sep 10, 2010
Swot (Manga) add (All reviews)
Damonashu (All reviews)
When I initially went into this manga I was completely optimistic. It's a shonen series after all, and I'm usually patient with them because it's a very generic field. After hearing that, you can imagine my surprise when, after nine chapters I finally gave up.

It's not much. I didn't read SWOT's one shot but from the comments of other people I can imagine that it was fairly good in comparison to this. A swot is apparently a person who studies a lot, but that doesn't matter it's just a trait of the main character that makes him annoying. This series goes for a tradition shonen battle manga, but going in you can really tell that it's out of its field. If you read bleach, you'll notice that this series has a lot in common with it. The saddest part about that is that SWOT has yet to break a double digit meaning this abysmal quality is directly out of no where, that's not to say bleach's isn't.

Mediocre as my score may have hinted. The characters barely look any different, so much so that I was stunned when a person said that one of them was attractive. Excluding maybe the main character, you'll see a lot of design recycling. But hey, the destruction is nicely done.

Once again, this series shares something in common with Bleach. It's characters are very one dimensional, and in the first nine chapters after at least one try to develop them, it fails miserably. The protagonist is the worse of the offenders though, spending the majority of this series saying that he's fighting to get some peace and quiet till chapter eight where he spontaneously grows a heart. I wouldn't mind it, if his tsundere personality didn't just die from nothing.

If you're the type of person who likes senseless shonen violence, then this series is for you. For the last time, like bleach, the only reason the characters seem to exist is to beat the crap out of each other. Don't go in expecting an involving story because that's not even a prospect.

Because my optimism is surprisingly durable, I'll say that this series may have a very minute chance of improving in the future if it doesn't get canceled first. Till then, it is crap and judging by how things are going from chapter nine, it will stay that for a while.