Mar 20, 2019
JustinLi1410 (All reviews)
Honestly, a lot of things that happened in this anime wound up annoying me. In the end, the only ships I wound up caring about were Dobashi and Terai, and Enomoto and Kusuda. The dynamic of Enomoto and Kusuda was nice and sent out a good message, plus Dobashi and Terai were just simple and straightforward, plus totally supportive of each other and communicated well.

The rest were just wtf to be honest. One that came close was Arihara and Yamamoto, but in the end I only cared about that one because Yamamoto is my preferred type of girl.

In the end, I'd give it a 5.5 to 6 at best. Maybe it's just me, not shitting on anyone else who enjoyed it, but It didn't work for me. It was something nice to pass the time, but nothing much more than that unfortunately. I did enjoy Enomoto and Kusuda's relationship dynamic, and if there's other anime romances like theirs that have proper resolutions do recommend I'd love to check them out. But just not in this anime. If it was an anime focused purely on their relationship then sure, I might rank it higher and watch it more enthusiastically, but in this situation Hatsukoi Limited just doesn't work for me.