Mar 19, 2019
gilder1985 (All reviews)
So, after having finished finally reading a nice translated copy of this novel, I have to say:
It was an awesome read. I won't delve too much into the story to avoid spoilers, but the characters are easily identified with, the elements of seriousness mixed with comedy and a small hint of romance from time to time makes for a highly enjoyable story. I'm saddened at how it ended - but I can understand the author's intent to 'keep the world alive' with his ending. There is little likelihood of continuation from how he worded his final notes, but all in all it was a fine way to wrap things up. It certainly opened the door for potential side stories, should he ever get a hankering to write them...or if enough time passes, someone else may take on the task, who knows. That said, I can't recommend this novel enough!