Mar 15, 2019
anodasin (All reviews)
Girly Air Force, huh?! What kind of anime is this? Seems like military-harem with some fan service and mild nudity scenes. That's what I thought at first. I don't know why somebody somehow won't watch this one. It's not bad.

The story begins with one guy has been saved by a mysterious girl. The world has been attacked by a mysterious corps named Zai. The human is being in danger of extinction. What a plain story! But, guess what's interesting? Aircraft. Aviation. Sky War and Daughter.

Watching this anime will open your eyes. Skies are blue and spacious. Our MC has been tasked to a Daughter named Gripen. Take off and take them down. Wars is so simple. There are no harem moments and no ecchi. When it comes to wars, put aside that thing. Even our MC is barely having a peaceful life there.