Mar 14, 2019
Hikoboshi (All reviews)
This neat little music video is a great depiction of what 3-gatsu no Lion would eventually come to display two years later in its TV anime debut. As it might be apparent to those who have seen the 3-gatsu no Lion anime, Bump of Chicken's "Fighter" is a close-to-perfect lyrical fit to the themes present throughout Sangatsu's narrative and likely why the song was used as the show's first ED given it was not already something that was prearranged.

The well done CG visualizations of Rei, Hina, and the rest of the story's vibrant cast serve to enhance the overall experience of the music video. Bump of Chicken's open and resonant instrumentation and unique vocals also mesh well with the aforementioned visuals and overall tone that the video adopts. As one of 3-gatsu no Lion's first forays into an animated medium, this music video likely played a relatively significant role in exposing Chika Umino's original manga story to a broader audience and setting a bar for which the 3-gatsu no Lion anime would eventually live up to and exceed.