Mar 14, 2019
Dayeemp59 (All reviews)
This is a non-spoiler review. Also, this review is based only on the first 10 episodes of the anime:
Season 2 of Mob Psycho 100 is very different to the first season. I think that the first seson focused more on getting people interested in the anime by using bright colours and intriguing psychic powers.
This season focused more on developing Mob's and Reigen's characters which I feel should had been done in the first season but I wasn't expecting it to be done in the second Kudos creators!!

I won't talk much about the plot but the first season is continued pretty well and the CLAW Organization is slowly being revealed.

The art is fantastic. It is one of the main reasons I am hooked to this anime. Unique style and bright colours really get you involved with the anime.

Well Mob's theme is pretty good(the one at the beginning of S1 E1). The intro is decent. But the background score during the fights is the worst part of the anime.....but its still not bad, it is enjoyable.

As specified, the season has focused on character development until now. I really enjoyed Mob's character and Reigen's character took a new turn this season which I persobally like. We get to see his soft side.

Enjoyment???? This anime is full of it.
I personally would recommend this anime go every anime is something unique, with an oldish vibe to it!