Mar 14, 2019
Vehemor (All reviews)
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari isn't a bad anime, but it's not the legend some people claims it to be. It ads some interesting elements to a world where almost nobody tries to innovate, but sometimes it fails too much in it.

-- Minor spoilers ahead --

(Story: 6) The story is good, not more than that, X random guys from Y ramdon versions of Japan gets ported to magiclal world to save it. We have seen it like a zillion times, but the fact that everybody hates and despises MC, instead of worshipping him like a god or something is kinda fresh. But that's where everything goes to waste.

Other guys ported gets better weapons, more money and people like them and then they decide for whatever reason to hate MC.

The show tries to win it's viewers by making them feel pity for MC, instead of making viewers grow some kind of empathy. The story is so focused on how everyone torture the guy that it forgets to grow, and with time pity becomes anger and finally lack of interest.

Sometimes it takes itself too serious and goes to not so smart exents to make MC suffer. It's slow, it doesn't explains things, and for moments is lame and cliche.

(Art 7): The art is cute, no more than that, it won't be rememebed for ages to come for its quality.

(Sound 6): It goes with whatever is going on, but don't think anyone will be buying the OST for how good it is.

(Characters 4): Here's where everything goes to waste. You have a tortured guy with a legendary weapon and you keep torturing him but he doesn't snap, he doesn't kill anyone, he doesn't plan a Coup d'état, he stands there watching everything been taken from him almost in a masochist way.

The rest are generic characters, some more sadistic, some less inteligent, but none very memorable.

(Enjoyment 6): Watching the anime isn't a torture, but it's not a pleasure. You kinda feel bad at the beginning for the guy, but then you hate him for how he stands and take every single blow without chopping one or two heads.

(Overall 6): Kinda enjoyable, some things added to a saturated genre, but no more than that. If you want a clinic version of masochist watch this thing and it's MC, there's a plasure in taking several beatings without opposing.

Final note: An anime that goes from taking itself too serious to useless and cute fillers, a good chance wasted, but still a watchable show.