Mar 14, 2019
GlassPufferfish (All reviews)
Tate no Yuusha is disturbing, and it shows an issue that most seem to avoid discussing. The main character is a disgusting pervert at the end of the day, with little to no personality that the viewer is encouraged to relate to due to feeling bad for him.
"What do I mean, he's a pervert?!" People cry, anger rising in their veins as they try to defend their precious raccoon girl x grown adult ship. Plain and simple, his (main) love interest, Raphtalia, is ten years old. Oh, she looks and acts like someone the main characters age, but in terms of physical years spent in the world? She's ten years old. The way her 'species' dynamic work mean she physical ages up as she levels up, so she's a ten year old who looks like a twenty year old. "She's mature for her age," the pedophiles on TCAP say.
Melty, Fido, the main character collects a veritable harem of magical loli girls. But good for him, only two of them find themselves trapped in the delusion of Stockholm Syndrome. Good job, Naofumi, 1/3 not being manipulated through slavery ain't that bad.
It feels bad that this is the Isekai that's drawn the most attention. Admittedly the genre is repetitive, but the fact this is the one that stood out?
In terms of story: I can get behind the idea of a main character getting screwed over by other people and entering a path that leads him away from his humanity. In fact, several of the manga I've read in the past (lost to my memory for the most part) have shown this dynamic brilliantly (Dungeon Seeker, Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu). In fact, I actively routed for the main character at the beginning. If there's any compliment to give, it's that the anime is brilliant at making you hate everyone else. Unfortunately once I realised who the obvious romantic flavor of the evening was I found myself so disturbed I couldn't enjoy the plot. The plot of him growing further from the side who destroyed him is brilliant, but it kinda pushes him towards the Chris Hansen seat.
Characters- what else can I say about them. As soon as you begin to question what the author was doing (making several children part of his harem) you see how bland they are otherwise. Goodness, the main character was so boring that I missed Kirito! If the only thing you can say about a character's personality is that it's reliant on the plot, guess what? He doesn't have one!
Overall I can see why people enjoy it, I guess. I'm not saying not to watch it or that you can't enjoy. But, I can't understand why there aren't more people concerned that the underaged slave loli might set a bad precedent for anime in the future. Everyone has their own thing, no judgement. But don't gloss over it or make it pretty- it's Stockholm and it's a nasty base for a main character.