Mar 14, 2019
Duckielover151 (All reviews)
I did not care for this one. The only thing saving this movie from being scored even lower is the beautiful visuals, (well, some of the CG was a little iffy, but I have soft spot for this Pokémon season's animation in general) so I'll try to keep this brief.

I wasn't really a fan of the way we're just thrown into the plot... the way Hoopa literally grabs our heroes out of their daily lives and plops them down into this plotline. It felt intrusive, and I wish they'd found a better way to tie this movie's story into something the gang was already working towards. And Hoopa was obnoxious in both forms. That's kind of a tough handicap to overcome, given how much of the movie revolves around and is driven by him.

But mostly, the very idea just felt distinctly... cash-grabby. I can practically see the dollar signs (yen symbols?) that must have been in the creators' eyes when the idea of a movie that would bring together legendary Pokémon from across a whole bunch of seasons was first proposed. It's kind of funny, because I just watched Bonds Beyond Time-- the Yu-Gi-Oh movie that brings the first three main protagonists together-- and they're kind of based on that same sentiment... But it didn't bother me so much there, where each of the characters actually had their own place in the story. Here, the legendaries are popping up just to be notable cameos. I'm glad I can check this one off my list, but it just... wasn't for me.