Mar 11, 2008
Beatnik (All reviews)
Mod Edit: This review may contain spoilers.

This film starts off with the most illogical SWAT attack on a building ever, consisting of Deunan just basically throwing herself at the enemy, not a care in the world if she alerts other bad guys either through her bullets blowing crap up or the dispatched baddies not reporting in.

Why are UN diplomats even being held hostage in a cathedral? No explanation given, its all just part of this John Woo produced disastrous attempt at cool posturing. That is all that's on display here, one ridiculous pose after another.

Ex Machina goes through every cliche in the book. Dialogue about a daughter from a secondary grunt character = person who will obviously die later on. A character who appears early on who looks like a ghoul = obvious bad guy revealed later on. There's even a scene where the main bad guy explains his entire plan FOR NO REASON.

Needless to say the story was probably ghost-written by a 12 year old relative of screenwriter Kiyoto Takeuchi. There are so many plot holes, contrived and convoluted coincidences and cringe-worthy dialogue it's like being insulted for 1 hour and 44 minutes; these people think you have no intelligence at all, it’s like everyone involved in this horrible mess of a production has only just discovered filmmaking. Who knows, maybe their next production will discover subtext? Just kidding, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

The animation in the previous film had a more refined and unique look, whereas in Ex Machina it's more polished and generic. The dip in quality from the first film to the second is heavy all across the board.

John Woo continues his reign of terror, even as producer, and to think this was the man who gave us Chow Yun Fat sliding down a banister shooting people with a toothpick in his mouth. The world weeps.