Sep 7, 2010
Uzumaki (Manga) add (All reviews)
deleteme234 (All reviews)
An ancient curse reawakens in a small town in Japan...


Uzumaki is a rather fascinating little manga that revolves around the human psyche. This manga succeeds in changing something that wouldn't usually be considered scary, a simple spiral, into an object of horror. The story becomes progressively gory and disturbed throughout the later chapters. Everyone in the town becomes more and more twisted and psychologically insane. I won't spoil anything, but the ending to this manga is extremely depressing and sad. This manga is all about how people deal with the unnatural and how they try to keep their sanity or completely lose it.

A lot of horror mangas are built on exploitation, and Uzumaki is no exception, except that it has a well done story in addition.


The art in Uzumaki is very well done. A lot of imagination was put in creating this manga as the gory scenes are original and are intriguing in a grim way.


I found it strange that most of the characters in the beginning, reacted reacted nonchalantly to the rising number of unnatural deaths around the town. Most characters become completely illogical when taken over by the spiral and usually die shortly afterwords. The main character Kirie Goshima is a rather logical character who seems to always keep her calm no matter how strange the situation is, which contrasts with her boyfriend Shuichi Saito, who becomes more and more paranoid as the spiral curse becomes worse throughout the town.


Uzumaki was a highly enjoyable read and it is worth reading.