Mar 10, 2019
pennylessz (All reviews)
This Manga is extremely enjoyable and I would implore anyone who agrees to assist in raising the score. Till Your Bones Rot is deep philosophical manga about the consequences of murdering someone. These consequences are experienced and conveyed through a group of young teenagers, who all had their own motives and deal with it in their own way. In the way that it's emotional, it's also a mystery roller-coaster. There are many scenes in this that will leave you guessing at what happens next, or took place that we don't know about yet.

It's drawn pretty well, and I rarely ever had a moment where the art didn't convey what the author intended. Beyond this, all the names should be easy to remember if you've got some familiarity with Japanese names. These generally lend themselves to the high rating I gave it.

Overall, this manga is an experience that will keep you reading without overstaying its welcome. Please read it and share your thoughts, if you can. I rate it an 8.5/10, rounded up to a pleasent 9/10 for MAL.