Mar 9, 2019
BG2K (All reviews)
Gegege no Kitaro is an anime I wasn't expecting to be much at first. After replacing Dragon Ball Super, and seeing people bashing it, I thought the anime would just be something Toei would push out for the sake of filling the time slot. With the first episode, I found it to be decent. Nothing really great or much for me to write home about. I unironically hyped it up for the sake of taunting the Dragon Ball Super fanboys and their hate for it. But after watching a new episode each week, I grew to love the show. Now for one, the anime is rated G, basically for all ages. But don't let that stop you from watching it. It does have pretty tame content at times but the show can deal with pretty mature themes as well. Nothing necessarily dark or gritty, but mostly dealing with real world concepts, such as Death, suicide, grief, murder, etc. Each episode tends to focus on something new to do with Yokai and how Kitaro and his friends get involved.
It's not episodic until later on but these non episodic episodes are some of the best. Having good messages at the end, and the characters can suprise you at times when those good messages are turned upside down because of them.
The characters are very likeable, with unique designs and abilities, and many of the Yokai or human characters they introduce upon every new episode are relatively always great.
The artstyle is modernized, and stylish at the same time, having a sharp, detail, look to it, and how the anime does have horror elements, the sharp style works to the core of the show, with great direction to convey tone. Most often with this gritty look when it focuses on the mature content.
There isn't always animation throughout each episode and
at times, the animation can be standard.
But when the animation does hit, it's quite good. Sometimes being fluid, and sometimes being fast paced.
It does have fights, but don't expect some crazy, well, choreographed, shoneness, world ending, battles.
The music throughout can be compared to that of Naruto, with the use of the same instruments, and a lot of the themes used for scenes that don't involve action, can be uplifting or creepy, depending on the scene.

There is also humor which can pretty wacky at times but it doesn't bring the quality down. If there's one episode I would really recommend watching, it would be Episode 7
Which was the episode that got me to love this anime.

Overall, I really enjoy this show on a weekly basis.
It's G rating doesn't give it Justice, as people can be turned off from it
But Gegege no Kitaro doesn't fall on the lines of an all around kid friendly show and not to mention that it shows blood more frequently than DBS ever did, which was a problem I had with that show. Really, the only issue I had with the show is that it's first arc was a tad bit lackluster, but it soon improved.

If you want something relatively enjoyable with fun characters, great episodes, naruto like music, and mature themes sprinkled throughout, Gegege no Kitaro is a great choice.

Can't wait to see where it goes from here