Mar 9, 2019
Geeb2988 (All reviews)
I have never owned a cat before but this manga made me feel like i had. This series will pull all of your heart strings. I fell in love with this captivating story from day 1. The character development throughout this story is amazing I instantly fell in love with both the main characters. I have recommended this series to all of my friends and they all think im gay. I really hope im not the only person who loves this manga.

The manga starts with a fairly good art style but you could see that it could use some minor improvements. The latest chapter that came out the beginning of chapter 2 nocked my socks off. The art style changed my perceptions on life.

This series has a very strong plot drive. The story takes place with two main character a cat and an old man. not going to lie the story has put me in some very close to crying moments.

♡♡♡ BIG 10/10!!!♡♡♡