Mar 8, 2019
Craneface (All reviews)
Like many other reviews for IDOLiSH7, they often state that this anime is very different from your regular Idol anime.
I thought I'd check it out myself just to make sure that it really is different from the Idol anime genre we know of.

All I can say is: Yes, that's true.

The anime shows us how difficult it really is, starting out small and trying to overcome the odds. There's no miracle, you only get through this if you're tough, and that can be very difficult to handle if you're a group of seven young and beautiful men.

These guys all have their own unique personalities and different upbringings, and must learn how to cooperate with each other despite the huge differences.

IDOLiSH7 had it rough. But their music reached out to the fans they performed in front of. Personally, it reached out to me, too.

It's the first Idol anime I've watched where I enjoyed the episodes from start to finish and I had to try and save the episodes so that I could enjoy the anime over time but that was very difficult.

I read that this anime has adapted from a game that has been out a long while by now, which is why the stage animations were made 3D rather than your usual 2D animations. That was probably the only thing I didn't get used to.

The music is amazing, some of the best I've heard in fact, and each song has so much meaning to it and some of them really got me good on the emotional side.

I enjoyed IDOLiSH7 from start to finish. In my opinion, it's far from B-Project and other Idol anime.

The story once again, leaves me a bunch of questions that I would've loved to have answers to, but since IDOLiSH7 is getting a sequel, I hope more secrets and unexpected plots will be taking place.

Amazing story with beautiful guys.