Mar 4, 2019
YTG21 (All reviews)
Very good movie with excellent visuals. Recommend it. Worth your time. Shame it didn't get hyped as much as other good anime movies.I would give this a solid 9 plus.

This movie is about a pretty smart and curious kid who happens to fall in love with a dentist. The dentist is an actual mystery as the little boy happens to unravel that mystery. The kid is not like super genius but your above-average kid with keen scientific experiments.Do watch the movie with good quality. Because the visuals will blow you away. Don't want to spoil the awesome experience by saying more.
Do watch this if you have spare time.

The reason I liked this anime is because of the smooth story, slight feel of romance ( hardly any romance here), awesome visual and good action. Very pleasant experience for me as I was able to fetch a good copy. I liked the characters and the story build up. Normally anime don't have morals or messages...but I felt like the movie made me remember that we all have to leave the world one day.