Mar 3, 2019
xsizzt (All reviews)
Hello there, my name is Slava and I am writing this review as a former big fan of the series. Nothing written in this review is intended to hurt anyone's feelings and pride.

As I mentioned just now, I am a big Former fan of the anime Date A Live. The reason for it is the third season being a massive dissapointment for myself. It is very noticable just how much the quality of production for this anime dropped after second season: there is a huge amount of so-called static "filler" frames and animation quality is quite poor. However, that is not the only reason why I came to dislike this season.

Characters and Character Development. (4)
I wouldn't lie if I say most of the characters are very likeable, including new heroine, Natsumi. BUT, most of the character development in this anime feels very cliched and I'd say not very well described. For that reason alone, at some points, the anime gets quite embarrassing to watch. 50 percent of Shidou's (main character's) behavior is screaming in furstration, anger, desperation even when there is really no reason to. Characters actions are very predictable and lack character. Like I said before, I like the characters in this anime a lot. All of the heroines are very cute, adorable, have well-told backstories (thanks to Season 1 & 2) and variety of traits that make them unique in some way or another. It's just that I personally didn't find this season's way of character expression and development any good at all, especially if you want to compare the third season to season one and two. For the points mentioned above, I give Characters a 4 for this season.

Story. (3)
The story is so far (At the time of writing this review, I've watched 8 episodes of the third season of Date A Live) plain and doesn't keep me excited nor interested. Sometimes, it feels like arcs change so suddenly, with no transition, that there is a feeling of plot holes at certain moments. I know it's not rare, especially for anime adaptations to have skips through some moments inbetween episodes, but, for an animation of such a nice light novel, I would at least expect it to be somewhat consistent with story telling and links between certain chapters.

Art. (3)
As mentioned earlier, the anime is filled with static frames and cheap "filler" frames. Animation sometimes lacks momentum and sometimes has too much of it. So far I have not noticed a single animation sequence which I would consider well made for an adaptation of such a great light novel. Art quality is very inconsistent and sometimes looks so bad that it makes me want to stop watching the episode as soon as I see it. I'm still a big fan of Date A Live 1 and 2's artstyle but, when animation production quality isn't anywhere near the first and second season's, it just makes you, as a big fan of the original work, quite sad.

Sound. (7)
Sound is okay. Nothing really stands out in terms of sound effects for me Except, a beautiful opening song, I swear by sweet ARMS. This one has to be one of my favorite opening songs ever, and I am a huge fan of it.

Enjoyment. (3)
With all of the points above, I couldn't enjoy this season much, even though, as mention many times in this review, I'm a Big fan of this series and original work.

Overall. (3)
The only thing that stood out for me in this whole season was a beautiful opening, and as for the anime itself, it's rather dissappointing.