Mar 2, 2019
ZeromaxAnima (All reviews)
(Here is the link of the picture drama:

This is ... only extra material.
There really is not much to say, it's just the characters telling their experiences after the events that occurred in the anime to Menma, Menma saying that she loves them all and end.
Yes, it adds a bit more to the characters because it tells us what happened to them after the anime, it is very nostalgic and satisfying but the story lacks of a plot, it doesn't answer any questions about the supernatural things of the anime, the characters only tell their changes but do not show how these changes occur in this material so that aspect is somewhat loose.
Also, there is no animation, are just static images.
I know I can not ask for much, this is not an anime xD but I'm not a complacent person.
Anyway, as I said it's just extra material. See if you liked the anime and want to feel more satisfied / nostalgic or if you want to mark it as "complete" in MAL xD.

That's all, thanks.