Sep 6, 2010
Xynz01 (All reviews)
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Glad that my friend let me watch this great stuff.
Okay now let’s start.
What will you do if you will become a powerful commander?

Story: 9/10
The story revolves around Nura Clan. A Clan of “youkai” that controls 10,000 demons. Amongst them is what they called “supreme commander” a very powerful “youkai”.
Now for the protagonist story so far. Nurarhiyon no Mago didn’t lack story backgrounds at all. They explained what happened in the past with the right execution. Except for the flashbacks that his season lacked. The jabs also were at the right timing and in the right scene.
The first antagonist didn’t lack also the background which is a factor plus because you know why he did that and those. Over all pacing are great. There is no filler. None at all. Some scenes from manga are cut here and placed at the second season instead.

Art: 8/10
IMO the sword/katana fighting are the main stream of this, the animation was great. Also the opening credits were great it’s well drawn. The ending credits weren’t that good compare to the opening. The chibi or the miniture forms of the characters didn’t fit. The genre of this was supposed to be "Monster" not a "Cute" or "Moe" one.
The youkai are well drawn, Animations are really great.

Sound: 8/10
Opening song was great. Fast Forward by Money Majik. Every time I’m listening to the full version I also sang.The BGM when Nurarhiyon attacks a youkai has a good execution. The back ground tracks fit every scene Nurarhiyon no Mago has to offer. What destroyed the good sounds is the ending song. It didn’t fit what genre nurarhiyon has. The 2nd one didn't make it for me either.

Characters: 8/10
The characters fit what personalities they have. Adding characters while the story progress with their background is also a plus factor, at the same time Rukio is “growing” every episode. They also didn’t lack time executing who is going to “grow” with the explanation.
The character development is great. Overall the adaption from the manga onto an anime didn't lacked anything except less than 10 chapters form the start but not that huge character back story. Try to read the manga first rather knowing it here (at the review)

Enjoyment: 9/10
I really did enjoy this. Various scenes will be enjoyable while watching this. You will be caught in suspense, laugh at the jabs and get excited on the katana fights. And this anime already leave a huge impression to me and still continued for the 2nd season!

Final Score: 9/10
It’s up to you to decide whether you gonna watch this or ditch it, but imo this anime is great. The jokes are in the right time. Great Music and the BGM is really mixed on the scenes. Great Art and Character development.