Feb 28, 2019
Otorez (All reviews)
In france, where I live, if you ask someone to describe Japan, he or she will usually answer the following sentence : "A country mixing tradition and modernity".

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri tends to perfectly fit to this description. Indeed, it brings a contemporary Japan with all its armament, to travel a Gate leading to another world. As you can guess, this world is based on a fantasy Middle-age (even Antiquity I think) with a bit of magic. And the whole show was either directed by Michael Bay or written under LSD.

The whole point of this anime appears - at first - to be a great battlefield opposing our world with its tanks, assault rifles, machineguns, choppers and even fighter jets ; and soldiers wearing bronze or steel armor and having only spears or shields. Quite an unfair outcome obviously ! But what could be positive (or not, say the blood thirsty watchers) is that our humanity is mostly shown as merciful, understanding and willing to create a peace climate. I might disappoint some people but... you won't get to see a whole show of poor soldiers being slaughtered under Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries song".

Yes you read it correctly : they dared using this glorious (meme) military song to accompany a fight where brigands get literally blew up under attack choppers and their soldiers. I rarely watched such joyful, even orgasmic miltary anime...

However, do not get distracted by the global warfare atmosphere that might appear in your head, reading my previous lines. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri introduces a lot of characters (one might say too many on some point and he or she would not be wrong) and many of them are catchy, attractive and pleasant to follow on their adventures. You actually get to discover many profiles, going from the classic heartwarmed soldier, the elf, the dark loli or the military superior being overwhelmed by his subordinate's low behaviour.

The global story line cannot be completed by season one and in fact, season starts with episode 13 instead of a complete new episode 1. I highly recommend this show for both military thema lovers and fantasy fans. And if you are none, maybe watching a fire dragon being killed by kilos of C4, Rocket launchers will catch your attention. Same goes with her kids getting shot by both fighter jets and artilery.

Edit : after reading every chapters of the manga that concerned season 1's events, I have now a second point of view to share. Indeed, surprisingly, the anime is extremely loyal to its written parent, covering everything shown on the paper. It even added a better introduction, episode 1 covering more of Gate's first battle which was quite eluded in the manga.

Otherwise, I think almost everything looked alike if we were to compare both versions. However I noticed season 2 received a lot of cuts contrary to the original chapters. Easy to figure out they faced a lack of available screentime, so it was obvious some tiny parts (or not so tiny) had to be removed. Anyway, if you appreciated Gate's animated version, you should get along with the written version ! It is still on 'Publishing' status by the way.