Feb 28, 2019
GOLenji (All reviews)
It's literally an god tier anime.

The world is finally at peace and Jesus Christ and Buddha have gotten a vacation, and what better place to spend the holidays than on Earth? So they decide to go to Japan, where neither Christianity nor Buddhism is part of the culture.

They rent an apartment in Tokyo and live like NEETS, most of the time they interact with the owner of the apartment, an old lady who notices some "miracles" being performed around. Despite being in Japan it's curious she doesn't suspect anything, they even offer a goat to her (?). She thinks they are a punk band.

Jesus Christ has a blog of Doramas reviews and likes to listen to J-Pop, Buddha is addicted to cleaning and meditation.

Particularly I didn't like the comedy so much, it's just a few jokes with the miracles the two have already done, but it's worth watching for being short and having a unique story.