Feb 28, 2019
SlaceTheDark (All reviews)
Welcome to my fourth review. This review is about Girly Air Force, an 12 episode anime animated by studio Satelight. Satelight is a studio that hasn't been in a focus for the anime community like in ever. Although, by just browsing through their anime you can spot some pretty big and great anime. So they certainly can pull off a great anime. Is Girly Air Force one? Well, first off the name is terrible. I don't know why the author chose that name but I do not approve. So let's talk this show.

Plot/Story: Right of the bat we have a quite common story point. Extraterrestrials named Xi are attacking earth, but this time they are in form of planes, or more imaginatively resemble dragonflies. The story follows Narutani Kei who directly witnessed a Xi attack some time ago and began to hate them from his very heart from that day on. Perfectly natural. Hating aliens who attack and kill humans, nothing wrong here. Now the story starts with another Xi attack that Kei and his female companion Song Minghua are directly witnessing. During that attack Kei sees a pink glowing jet that shoots down a few Xi but then crashlands. Kei runs to the pilot to help him out (while not questioning that the jet is pink and glowing). The cockpit however opens itself and Kei finds a girl inside with glowing hair. It later turns out that the girl is called Gripen and with 2 other girls is part of a special unit of female 'young' pilots who have certain abilities that makes them able to shoot down the Xi. What, well that's a spoiler. Watch the show. While the plot isn't something outstanding, it is not bad per se and definitely can have room for a great plot and characters and all that.

Art: Art is pretty...standard. Nothing bad really. Of course the Xi and planes are in CGI because every vehicle has to be done in CGI, apparently. Luckily, the CGI isn't terrible and isn't repulsive like some CGI in other shows.

Sound: You would think that a show with planes should have plenty of good sound...I don't remember particularly impressive sound and BGM so it probably was standard as well. Opening and ending are also nothing special. What you would expect for such a show. A pop song for the op and a more calm ending song.

Characters: This is where I have the most to talk about. Starting off WITH Kei and Minghua. When I saw them the first time I thought we had to do with Chinese siblings which would be pretty cool and uncommon. However, I was disappointed in that regard. Minghua is obviously Chinese, if Kei is Chinese I already forgot. Most sadly though they are not siblings, they aren't even in any particular relationship. They together. Kinda dull. Minghua strucked me as a character who could have had a very broad range of characteristics, but no. A bit love here, a bit jealousy there, sprinkled with some cutout-traits and voilà you have yourself a female character that is just one in thousands. And Kei? I also hoped for good things but he turned out even more generic than his not-sister. Everything you would imagine a generic Mc for such a show to be, he is it. Very uncreative and dull. The key selling point, apart from the planes are obviously the main girls, the pilots. Since I also watched the first 4 episodes I haven't seen the third pilot and only briefly the second, so I will be focusing only on the main pilot girl. The other 2 are probably just fill-ins anyway. So, Gripen. Since I can't go into spoilers and don't want to, I am going to keep it as short as I can. Gripen knows nothing of the world and any customs. She has a good appetite, but that is also a trope that has just been copy and pasted onto her. While I found her interesting at first she became boring and stagnant quite fast. There isn't much to her, now that might be because of her not going outside at all but that in itself is problem of the author for relying on this aspect of her just never going out. This is a problem of the character's writing and this happens much too often, especially in modern anime.

Overall: Girly Air Force anime. It's an anime that I dropped and stopped watching. Why? I had better things to do, my time just wasn't worth spending on that series in my eyes. It's a painfully mediocre anime that falls flat on most things it does and just stays at one point. I do not recommend this anime because you can do much more productive things like eating or tidying up your room. And with that I will leave this anime.

See you in the next review.